TV Re-Evolves

If you don’t spend much time watching video on the Web, then you’re missing out on a big
revolution. More and more great stuff is turning up online, as both people who couldn’t get their insane clips or
stories aired on TV turn to the net, and even some of the traditional media start to get wise. Let us praise this

Now take a look at the re-evolution of adventure sports Web site.
Granted this isn’t homespun TV, but the site is over-flowing with great, intense video from a world of sports far
outside the traditional (and let’s face it, boring) triumvirate of football, basketball and baseball. Re-evolution TV
has got people doing insane things they call sports on ice, water and land. There is so much to sit and watch here, I
can’t begin to list it all, but I will say the interface is sleek and intense, and the videos are a blast.