Lotsa Lance

Well, we’re very close to Lance-time, so I thought I’d pull some sites of interest. Don’t know about you, but it seems to me he has been everywhere. I’ve seen his chiseled mug on magazines, newspapers, books, and all over TV. Just yesterday I flew in to LA and there was some kind of Lance Marathon on the scores of monitors lodged into the backs of people’s seats. A sea of Lances.

But it is of course a big deal that the guy is going for his 7th Tour de France victory. I mean, what a remarkable athlete he is. There must be some very odd mixture of genes that both foster discipline and provide for high tolerance of pain in Lance’s genome.

All that said if you’re a fan, you should probably check out the Discovery Channel site, which is one of the better Lance sites. You can also check out the Lance Armstong Fouundation site, which is quite good, but not as media-rich, and the Lance.com site. And then there is the Nike site with some of the very Nike-esque commercials available online. For the Tour itself, there is an Official site, and a Tour blog.