The Marketing Problem

Mitchell Scott is in a conundrum. His six-year-old is obsessed with visiting a Lego theme park, and won’t relent
about doing it. But Michael wants
to do something
for the family, wants his son to experience a bit of the outdoors and get to know nature. Better to be
under the stars in a tent than obsessed with putting together little plastic pieces, right.

So one night Michael hits upon an idea while watching the Discovery Channel
(and who doesn’t get the urge to travel when you watch DC?). He hears a cliche about how nature is a giant puzzle, and
then boom, he decides that the solution to his problem is a marketing issue. He needs to sell nature to his son as a
puzzle. And so we get Michael Scott’s trip to Tofino on Vancouver Island’s wild west coast. Part whale-watching, part
boat ride, part wonderful experience with nature, the sell works, and Michael’s son grins ear to ear during the whole
trip. Another satisfied customer.