Tips to Traveling with Your Cell

A couple of folks snickered when I mentioned packing my cell phone on my last big trip abroad. I
know, vacations are supposed to be that special time and moment to get away from the world
as we know it, but I love the advancements made in cell phone technology. Everyone has their own opinions and the
fact is most of us don’t want to be bothered by our obnoxious Yamaha ring tones while having drinks on a
pristine soft sandy beach somewhere across the globe, but nothing beats having your cell in tow just in

The New York Times has a nice read for
anyone looking for added practical cell phone convenience while tripping across the world.  The piece gives a
little overview on some carriers for both GSM and CDMA services and rates with a ton of links to gain a lot more
information. It even taught me a couple of tricks to getting the most out of your money when chatting it up
overseas. Though I don’t suggest necessarily ‘chatting it up’ overseas, it never hurts to have a cell for
emergency purposes.