Bill Bryson Working on New Book

I caught this on Writtenroad and thought it was interesting. Bill Bryson,
one of my favorite travel and science writers (if we can call him that after just
one science book, a wonderful book, by the
way), is said to be working on
a new book
about growing up in the US in the 1950s. He says the book, “is a complete change from A Short History of
Nearly Everything”, but knowing Bryson it won’t be that different as it is sure to be hilarious and informative.
Bryson, who recently moved back to the UK after years in his native US, says he is staying put. He was doing so much
travel back and forth anyway, he says, that he figured he ought to just stay overseas. That’s fine. In this day and age
and writer can pretty much work from anywhere. As long as he keeps on writing, it doesn’t matter much where he