Napoleon Dynamite Feast

If you felt there was no reason to head on out to Idaho before you may still feel the same way
after this post, but for those of you just as willy-nilly about
Napoleon Dynamite as I am, get ready to
go to Preston.  The once quiet mountain town in Idaho got its first taste of fame through the brilliant MTV
production (and yes, brilliant compared to much of the last couple MTV films), but will it see the same results
during the Napoleon Dynamite Festival this
June 24-25, 2005?  I’m hopping at the very least!  NPR has a great little audio clip on the fest,
but really – who wouldn’t want to take part in the tater tot eating contest or moon boot dance contest? 
Other cool happenings include a Rex Kwon Dojo Tour, Happy Hands Club, and Pop-n-Pins open bowling.  It couldn’t
get anymore sweeter than this, unless, uh Uncle Rico was there.

I’m leaving now.