Paddling Ha Long Bay

One of the great things about sea kayaking is how the sport allows you to access places that you could probably
never reach by other means. Exploring sea caves and out of the way bays are the things dreams are made of for most sea
kayakers. Here is an article in Canoe and Kayak
Magazine about a small group who take inflatable kayaks into Ha Long Bay in Vietnam.

Lugging along almost 500 pounds of gear, including freeze-dried food, climbing equipment, tents, and inflatable
kayaks, the group explores huge limestone towers and tiny uninhabited islands in one of the more exotic regions of the
world. The paddlers set up camp in a gorgeous sea cave and build a fire like their forebears, savoring every moment,
even when storms rush in and give them a momentary meteorological bitch slap.

Kayakers of all stripes will enjoy this piece.