Family Reunion Time!

Yes, it’s that time again, when families from all over get together and take pictures, eat potato salad, and learn
how goofy some of their relatives are (Aunt Gladys, please stop gnawing on the remote control).
Here is a piece on the whole family reunion thing, with a primer on
how to plan one (rule 1: if you’re a Hatfield, make sure you know where the McCoys are having their family reunion and
plan accordingly). Another useful site is this one, dedicated specifically
to the topic.

But seriously, planning these epic familial events can be a pain. The logistics of getting everyone there, finding
accommodations, let alone planning for food (can you say Pot Luck?) can be stress-inducing. Best, perhaps, to let
someone else do it. But if you’re committed to putting together YOUR family reunion, give this piece a read, you might
just pick up some tips that will help the whole shindig go a bit more smoothly.