Seat Guru Rules

So I am hanging out here working for a couple of days in California. Got some great boating in yesterday, and as I
was thinking about my flight back to New York, I thought I’d check on my United Airlines seat to see if I had a good
one. The place I go to find out which seats are best is an obscure, but amazingly useful little site called If
you are flying anywhere and can find out what kind of plane you’re going to be on (or just know the airline and the
region), you can find out which seats are best and which suck. The latter is probably the most important, because many
seats are mediocre, but the ones that suck, really suck. Really sucky seats don’t recline, tend to be close to the
bathroom and kitchen, and are often swarming with crying babies. As I say. You don’t want to get stuck there. So as I
plan for my return home, I just used seat guru to find myself a sweet seat.