Flying in Tongues

Pretty cool concept that I am surprised has not been offered before. Singapore Airlines is the first to offer
an in-flight language course for passengers.
You’ll be able to select from learning programs that cover 11 languages. So as you’re at 35,000 feet, you can put down
the in-flight magazine crossword and pick up a knowledge of numbers, dates, phrases and dialogue. The lessons are being
offered on their in-flight entertainment system — KrisWorld. Languages you’ll get to learn include: English, French,
German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Russian, Portuguese, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese. Later this year, about 20
languages will be available.

As I say, sounds very cool, but I do fear sitting there enjoying a good book and having the guy next to me endlessly
repeat: “Donde esta case de Pepe?” Maybe it’s time to invest in an especially good pair of noise-reduction