The One World Expedition

A ways back we covered the One World Expedition, a pretty ambitious
effort to make the first crossing of the Arctic Sea, via the North Pole, in summer. The expedition is the brain child
of hard-core kayakers/explorers Lonnie Dupree and Eric Larsen. The idea was to bring attention to global warming, which
in an odd kind of way, maybe they did. They set of last May, and due to unusual ice conditions, (due to global
warming?), they aborted their attempt. The two are preparing now for another attempt in 2006. You can read about them
at their One World Site.

But if you’re interested in learning more about what they are up to, you can go back and read the
Mother Jones interview with them,
one of the better interviews out there.  Also,
Lonnie has his own site where you can callow his
projects and future efforts.