Most fan sites dedicated to authors pretty much suck. The same goes for movie stars, in fact, among these the
passion of the fan can get downright creepy. But
the site for travel and fiction writer Paul Theroux isn’t half
bad. In fact, it’s quite good. I went there looking for some info on one of my favorite books,
The Happy Isles of Oceana. And not only
did I find some good info about it and the rest of his books, there is also up to date information on his most recent
books, Blinding Light (fiction) and The Cold World (nonfiction), a nice bio and more. The Web site is run by a woman
named Erinn, and somehow she is also offering for sale signed first editions from Theroux’s personal collection. Don’t
ask me how, but she obviously has a connection with the man. Theroux fans will enjoy this.