The New Yorker…All of It

Not sure how many folks out there are magazine fiends, but I am one. I have so many subscriptions that every month
our mailbox overflows with beautiful glossies like National Geographic Adventure, Men’s Journal, Scientific American,
the Atlantic, Harpers, Discover, Outside and so on (just to give you a quick glimpse of my reading habits). But among
all of the magazines I get, there is one that ranks so far at the top, that I literally get angry if I miss an issue.
That magazine is the New Yorker.

And here I learn today that the good folks at the New Yorker will

soon be releasing on DVD
, EVERY issue ever printed. That’s right, the New Yorker’s entire history, from February
1925 to February 2005 (it’s 80th anniversary). Holy sh*t is this cool.

And more cool New Yorker news. I just learned that the New Yorker will now be available on, a service that I have subscribed to for some time now and to which I
am wholly addicted. This is great news for commuting New Yorker fans.