Recipe: Make Escargots

The Food Network online has a world of amazing global recipes, fine cooking ideas, and great clips from some of their delicious food programming. I like to stop by at least twice a month to find something new to cook up in the kitchen, though my time has been quite limited these days. However, when I finally do get some time back, I won’t be preparing this Escargots a la Provence found here. I stumbled upon what seems to be a very pleasing dish for snail lovers by reading some fun food facts on the traveler’s food paradise found in Provence, France. I’ve never really been a fan of the dish, but I’m told I probably didn’t have it cooked right the last couple of nose-pinched attempts I made. In any case for those that do love the once slithering creatures cooked to perfection, try this recipe at home.

Everything else on the site sounds absolutely mouth watering especially the mention of lavender scents making appearances in many dishes from ice cream to roast chicken. Now, that will take me to Provence for sure. Yum.