Coyote Sunglasses

I’ve always loathed how much sunglasses cost. I can pick up a satisficing pair on the
streets of New York for five bucks. But the reality is that these cheap glasses are just that. Cheap. They break and
scratch, and sometimes you can buy a cheap pair with no UV protection. Bad news because your eyes may get shaded, but
are still exposed to harmful rays.

Well, here’s a compromise. Coyote’s “Sprocket” Sunglasses Ultralight
Polarized have changeable lenses and a solid, but flexible nylon frame. The Polycarbonate Polarized lens has
five layers (Waterproof Hard Coating, Tinted Polycarbonate Lens, Polycarbonate Horizontal polarizing filter,
Polycarbonate lens, and Scratch Resistant/Waterproof Coating), which together provide protection from glare,
impact, scratches, and water…all the things that wreck cheapo sunglasses. The non-slip nose pads help keep the glasses
on your face, and they are light enough that you won’t get a neckache wearing them. The glasses run about $65,
which ain’t cheap, but they aren’t as expensive as other major brands. These are one pair among several we’ll be
looking at over time.