Jane Goodall IMAX

Good old IMAX. I love the format, and wish they’d do even more with it. A while back I saw James Cameron’s Aliens of
the Deep, and let me tell you this film should be on the lesson plan of every student in America. Sure, you can get
your concepts of the underwater world from textbooks, but nothing beats a screen five stories high with 3-D glasses.
Well, depending on where you live, you likely have a museum of natural history or a science museum or something of that
ilk. Here in New York, we have the American Museum of Natural History, pretty much
the best of its species around. They’ve got a relatively new IMAX film showing there on Jane Goodall and her
chimps.  Called Jane Goodall’s Wild Chimpanzees,  the
film looks at Goodall’s forty year career of eschewing homo sapiens for chimps. Not that I blame her. I bring this all
up because it’s a hot Sunday here in the city and I was thinking a lot of folks probably don’t remember that an IMAX
theater is somewhere nearby, and catching these films is always a treat.