Become an Expert on Tamales

After reading this little 101 on Tamales I guess it would be
quite unfair of me to say I don’t like tamales without having tried them all.  Chocolate
tamales, sweet tamales with pineapples and raisins, basic beef tamales, Jesus’s 30 minute chicken tamales and much more
can all be found on Gourmet Sleuth.  If this were the Mexican version of Forrest Gump, I’d be Senor Bubba
telling you about these tamales, but it’s not and I’m not. And really who on Earth creates this many
tamales?  Variety is great, but whoa!

This piece on the Mexican corn husk filled treats is packed full of
information. Gourmet Sleuth even takes us to school with
historical facts about the process of “nixtamalization.” To keep it simple, it can be described as processing field
corn with wood ashes.  It helps to soften the corn for easier grinding and helps in digestibility. This
dates back to pre-Columbian (before Columbus) Mexico. 

If you still haven’t had your fill of facts here then I suggest you check out the site.  I actually read
through a lot of the information and I feel like a Tamale Genius, though I probably couldn’t make them right.