Caroni Bird Sanctuary

If you are interested in visiting Trinidad & Tobago make sure you visit the
Caroni Bird
Sanctuary. It’s definitely off-the-beaten track, especially if you’re not into
birding so much and if you’re looking to escape the Port-of-Spain bustle, but makes for a quiet relaxing day
trip.  I’ve experienced the swamps first-hand and caught glimpse of the vibrant Scarlet Ibis (the national bird)
flocking back home early evening, into the roosting areas, though I could have used some good binoculars.

The reason behind this recommendation today is all due to this quick summary of the place I stumbled upon at
Travel Adventures. It’s short and
sweet providing the key details about birding in the area, but it also has some great links and photos of the sister
island’s other unique and popular sites, like Pitch Lake, Paria Bay and Waterloo.  Overall it’s a nice guide if
you are considering making the West Indies part of your next adventure.