Moleskine Journals

Keeping a journal is one of the best things you will ever
do. I’m not exaggerating. I’ve been keeping one since I was 16, and I have literally written over ten thousand pages in
an effort to account for many of the things I’ve done, people I’ve met,
places I’ve gone, thoughts I’ve had (more dumb thoughts than smart
ones, BTW…going back through these old pages can sometimes be embarrassing). BUT! That said, you will never regret
committing to paper or bits your life’s details. Trying to keep them all in your head is mostly impossible.

But if this is too burdensome, that is, even if you don’t keep a personal journal about your daily life, you should at
least consider keeping one when you travel. And one of the most important things about keeping a travel journal, is
having a good notebook to write in. If you scribble in a standard cheapo notebook, the pages will wither and fray, and
overtime your memories will be lost, to quote Blade Runner, like tears in rain.

That is where Moleskine journals come in. These are some of the finest, if
not THE finest journals in the world. Hemingway and Chatwin were both hard-core Moleskine fans, and even
Sean Penn is said to carry one as he leads his one-man
crusade to save the world. I was once a big fan of Letts of London journals (also fine books), but I have recently
switched over to Moleskines and am very happy about it. Check them out. They also make fine gifts.