Road Trip Games

Fun, fun, fun! 

MSN Family
has an awesome tid-bit on road trip games to play while your trapped

in the car for hours on end waiting to reach your final destination. Some are
fairly classic like paper, rock, scissors, and I Spy. Others may be a little unfamiliar or played slightly
different depending on which region of the globe you’re coming from.  ’The Car Next Door’ is a game
we have all probably played at one point or another.  The general idea is to invent stories about the people
in cars next to yours, like where they work, what size shoe they wear, their favorite band, what they had for dinner
last night, etc.  Being that I love making stories I’d have a ball with that one, but overall the
nine games mentioned are quite entertaining.

I’ve played Slug Bug (not mentioned on the MSN list) several times, a game where when you see a VW Bug you call out
Slug Bug and then the car’s color.  If you fail to be the first to say the phrase it usually gets you a quick jab
in the arm. And looking back at the list on MSN I can see why it didn’t make the cut.  My guess – they probably
want to keep things friendly, safe, and more importantly the kids from crying.