The Pinatubo Treatment

How very nice of the folks over at sister site Luxist
to think of us. Even though matters of disposable income prevent us from indulging in many off the luxurious items they
often blog about, we still sneak over to their site every so often to catch a glimpse of what might be possible should
Bill Gates be your daddy.

To wit: should you be adventurous, butt also a bit of a glutton for luxury, you might find
this post on a Mt. Pinatubo spa of some appeal.  The
spa sits beneath the volcano’s peak, so you can bask in its geothermal radiance while satisfying your sybaritic whims.
The folks at the spa, not surprisingly, offer treatments using the mountain’s volcanic materials, and treatments
include a sulfur hot bath, volcanic ash shower, and Chinese massage. Of course, if you want to hoof it up the volcano
itself, they can help you with that, too.