Latitudes Magazine – Darfur, Greenland and More

I really, REALLY like this new magazine
called Latitudes. I’ve blogged about it before, but they have a new issue
out that is equally stunning, if not superior to the first. The problem with the magazine is that the whole thing is in
Flash, so I can really link to any of the stories in it. The site pops of a big window and you have to navigate the
stories by clicking at the bottom of the page. Oh, and make sure you select the English version, unless, of course, you
speak Italian, because the magazine is Italian, though there is an English version.

Anyway, this month’s issue has some truly amazing imagery of Darfur,
Polynesia, Paraguay, Spain and Greenland (the island images are particularly good). The magazine focuses more on photos
than text, so the dyslexic and reading-challenged among us (or just the lazy) will have a very easy time off it. I’d
like to link to all of the stories here, but you should take the time to open the magazine and take a look. And take
note of some of the small surprises in the magazine. Some of the images actually move.