Europe on Motorbike

Slate, who it seems to me has not had a very good travel feature in a long while, has finally got one. Elisabeth Eaves hits Europe on two wheels, rumbing through its open roads on a motorcycle as she clutches the leather-clad back of her riding partner and boyfriend, the mysteriously-named L.

Eaves ruminates on the virtues and mundanity of motorcycle riding (a motorcycle on the hiighway is little more than “a very uncomfortable car”…apparently because she’s not driving), as she passes through France, Slovakia, Poland, Germany (um, not in that order). Some of Europe’s small towns pass in a blur, while in others she stops for a much-needed break. Eaves sits astride a Suzuki Bandit GSF 600 S, and we get to hear about some of Europe’s woes and wonders, as well as her thoughts on recent newsy items like the Polish Plumber fiasco.

A fine way to travel. One wonders if Rick Steves has ever done Europe by motorcycle.