Road Trip Games…for Kids

From my college days, I remember two words that still have deep
and resonant meaning: ROOOOOAD TRIIIP!!! Ah yes, the clarion call to arms for the young and mobile…not to mention
without gainful employment.

Well, things have changed a bit for some. Road trips are still cool, but they ain’t what they used to be, especially
when you’ve got kids. But help is on the way. Over at
, there is a nice post about road trip games you might play should you be on the road with a noisy
bunch of younguns. Some of the games are the old tried and true ones. You know, the Alphabet game where you have to
make your way through from A to Z reading the letters off signs (Q was always a pain). And then of course, there’s
bizz-buzz (they call it just buzz). Still, if you have kids, perhaps it’s time for a refresher course.