The (Very) Best of WIN

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you in one easy-to-read weekly post. You’ll find lots more links after the jump. Enjoy!

The Download Squad‘s
Victor Agreda, Jr. offers tidbits from
iTunes 4.9 and praises
Easy PDF Converter.
David Chartier explains why his browser of choice
is Camino.
Marc Perton covers Google’s warning about the Firefox

Engadget‘s Peter Rojas reports on a
robot assisting in surgery, and Interlink’s new
GoSpeak! portable speakers. Ryan Block reveals used CRTs
as the key to sub-$100 Indian computers, and tells us DVD
Jon has already issued a patch to the new Google Video

Randall Halcomb tells us what makes a classic car. John
Neff gives us the welcome news that Honda will include crash
test ratings on window stickers
, bemoans Aston
woes at Le Mans, and announces the 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse as winner of the
2005 IDEA Gold Award

Joystiq‘s Steve Parsons points to screenshots of the
Evil Dead Regeneration, asks if
MMOG is only for the hardcore, reports that
PS3 is going underground in Europe, and reveals that
Quake is going mobile.

The RSS Weblog‘s Amit Malhotra covers Microsoft’s big
announcement about RSS in Longhorn and has some new
ideas for deploying RSS based applications at the
Seattle Public Library.

Hackaday‘s Eliot
Phillips suggests serial charging a Nextel for always-on GPS.
Vince Veneziani lists his Hackaday links and
Monday sipping. Eliot shows off a
USB rotary channel charger.

Luxist‘s Rick Reed
digs up a must-have personal video arcade. Peter Thompson
visits  Maximiliaan’s House of Grand Pianos. Adam
Newman highlights the exclusive Residensea golf program.
Deirdre Woollard tours the spectacular Lake Tahoe Sierra Star

C.K. Sample III walks you through how to
publish podcasts to the iTMS.
Dave Caolo covers Nine Inch Nails’ release of
“Only” for would-be
Garageband remixers
. Scott McNulty asks how many
Widgets you use.
Jay Savage looks at the
OS X Family Tree.

Karina Longworth reviews
Miranda July’s debut.
Ryan Stewart and
Karina Longworth hate the
King Kong trailer, but readers like
Jon Wilk disagree. Meanwhile,
Peter Sciretta watches Universal run