Calgary Stampede

Although I’ve never been, I have been told by several friends that the Calgary
is one of the coolest events of the summer.

This is the real deal. Hard-core cowboy types competing in vicious man v. beast contests, broncos are broken, steeds
are lassoed. Oh yea, and there is an agricultural show (I know, sounds lame, but it’s cool), featuring some of the most
massive livestock on the face of the planet.

This year’s Stampede happens soon (I blogged about it earlier so don’t complain about the late notice), July 8 – 17.
If you’re a Deadwood fan, this is the event you don’t want to miss. And for poker players, oh yeah, there some great
opportunities for you, too, with the 1st Annual Stampede Classic Texas
Hold ‘Em Tournament offering $250,000 is prize money.

Don’t even think about hiding that ace up your sleeve. This is the old West, and you might just get some lead in
your belly.