Drink Water Get Miles

Remember when Adam Sandler went on a pudding shopping spree in Punch
Drunk Love
trying to get enough miles to get to Hawai’i for his new found love, Emily Watson. His
initial discovery of the miles came from boxes of microwavable Healthy Choice TV dinners and later on canned foods from
the brand. I won’t press on telling you anymore about the film if you haven’t seen it, but Paul Thomas Anderson does a
fabulous job with the movie.  And now every time I spot a great deal, a way to earn miles, a passage for new
adventure, lost love, new love or a chance to get to Mumbai, I can’t help but to think about the film.

Anyhow, if you like seeing your frequent flyer miles stack up the slow way as you plan for your next vaca, you’ll be
happy to find that drinking water will score you some of those precious miles. 
Dannon and American Airlines have teamed up for a limited time to give you an
additional 500 miles to drop into your rewards piggy bank.  With the purchase of specially marked Dannon
natural spring water 15 packs you’ll be slowly but surely on your way. Read the fine print of course. The
best part of the deal – you can actually put the water to good use, unlike pudding. Unless you really enjoy
pudding that is.