Travel + Leisure on Iran

Despite more negative news surrounding the Middle Eastern country of Iran and the President-
those of us forever dreaming to visit the country can click into
Travel + Leisure
for a more pleasant piece on the land known for it’s poets, pomegranates, and palaces to keep those dreams alive. 
The lengthy article by Peter Jon Lindberg follows he and his wife, a native of Iran on his first go in the mysterious
land of extremely and sometimes overly hospitable people. A glimpse at the culture blended with constant
underlying political dramas and look at how life goes on even with its limitations, the article is a
splendid positive read.  Taking us through Tehran, Shiraz, Persepolis, and toasting to Hamadan and it’s
bagh (garden), which the author failed to get to during his own travel, anyone who is dying to
go will be toasting to them all. 


They also have some

superb links
for places to eat like the famous Nayeb located in tehran as well as places to sleep like the popular
five-star Abbasi Hotel located in Esfahan.