Two Cents for Tuvalu

How many of us care about Tuvalu?  How many rest their heads at night wondering what our two
to three cars and waste of energy does to the nine island country of Tuvalu and
it’s 11,000 inhabitants, who in over the next 50 to 70 years or so may become the world’s first climate refugees, all
due to global warming? The answer – not many. 


Photographer, Gary Braasch has been documenting global warming all over the world since 1999.  In this piece
titled Postcards From the Edge out
of Grist Magazine
, he touches on the islands and what the outlook is from the natives.  Some are
hopeful and other’s a little less optimistic.  In his
photographs and story alike, I felt something move inside
of me.  I don’t own two or three cars, but I’m sure there is a little something each of us can do to
conserve energy.  Even if we can’t save Tuvalu there are still several nations out there facing the troubles of
global warming that could be saved.  Just something to think about.