All New Worldhum

Worldhum, the online travel magazine whose writing we love, but whose design we sometimes
complained about, has launched with a wonderful 2.0 version. The new site keeps much of the minimalist look and feel of
2.0, but is much better organized that its predecessor. Gone is the odd (but immensely useful) strip of links on
the left, which was replaced by more stories and features. (BTW: The list of travel media has moved to a
new links page.)

This is the best part of the new design, to see so many more content items right up front. Along these lines,
they’ve also added several new features including a column by Rolf Potts called “ask Rolf”, a books feature, a how-to,
and more. Really a significant improvement that moves Worldhum into the top class of online travel sites (not that
they weren’t there before, writing-wise, but look-and-feel-wise you always knew this was a site done by a couple of
dudes in their spare time…which was cool in an of itself…but now they look bona-fide).  


The only thing I don’t like is the too long strip of Worldhum plaudits on the right, which takes up valuable real
estate and seems a bit overdone. Sorry, small complaint, but it caught my eye right away. But what the hell, they
deserve it. Worldhum editors Jim Benning and Michael Yessis
have done a serious upgrade here. This is one worth checking out and bookmarking if you have not done so already. And
by the way, if you want to hear Jim Benning talk about Worldhum and travel writing in general, don’t miss
our podcast with him.
Listen now.