Seeing the World by Horseback

This may not be the first time you heard of Eduardo Anibal Discoli, the 54 year old Argentinean

living out his 30 year long dream of seeing the world on horseback, but in the event that
it is,

here’s an update
.  A couple of years into his journey now, Discoli expects to arrive in Washington D.C.
for the fourth of July.  He started in his home country and made his way through South America and
Central America where he is presently tackling the states.   A trip for cultural purposes only, he has faced
several challenges along the way from his beloved horses being quarantined several days at a time to being held at
gun point in Peru. Traveling with very little to no money Discoli looks for sponsors to help him along his way and
will need $6,000 to get over the ocean. Good luck on that one.

Should his mission succeed he will be go into the Guinness Book of World Records.