Hiking Trails in Oahu

The best part about traveling to exotic islands nestled in the middle of the Pacific and decorated
by large volcanoes and mountainous valleys has got to be the variety in recreational
activities.  Yes, the beaches are drop dead gorgeous, stunning, beautiful and often packed with tons of
chatty tourists so the best way to get off the beaten track is to make tracks. 

Luckily the ever-so fabulous island of Oahu in Hawai’i has got several trails for hikers.  The
Backyard Oahu site might be the perfect place to sit down and start planning
which trails you want to tackle ahead of time.  84 different trails around the island can be found here as well as
a list especially made for tourists, with the most common tourists trails.  I am guessing this is another way to
pinch the wallets of travelers and even if it isn’t, it would really defeat the purpose if you were trying to
escape picture-taking, crazed, beach-going folks in the first place.  The list of visitor trails all
range from little to moderate difficulty.