Celestial Fireworks for the Fourth

If you’re super excited about seeing fireworks illuminate the sky this year you may want to look
for the fireworks beyond the fireworks and watch as NASA’s Deep Impact
spacecraft dives its way into the center of a comet the size of Manhattan. Yup, grab your telescope for this
one.  Though it would seem pretty thoughtful of NASA to provide us with a show unlike any we’ve ever
seen before on Independence Day, the real reason for smashing into the comet according to this
Fox News bit, is to see inside it’s primordial
core a.k.a the heart of the comet. 

Hmm… So, um,  if the comet poses no threat to Mother Earth at all, why are they spending $333 million
dollars on this? Not sure where all that money came from, but I suggest you grab a few beers and get the most bang for
your buck this Fourth of July.