Hidden Italian Islands

In places like Europe and the US, it’s hard to find anyplace “hidden” these days. Most places that have any value as
destinations are peopled with tourists, and in worst cases, riddled with awful trinket and knick-knack shops.

But according to
this piece
in Travel and Leisure
there are some fine island destinations in Italy that are close to being “hidden”. Michael
Gross goes in search of these  goes in search of these “rustic hideaways”, places where you’re not going to get by
on English alone, and where you better be ready to be happy just hanging out. The Tuscan Archipelago is one such place,
a cozy and quiet necklace of islands where you can find solace, few crowds, and, of course (it’s Italy, after all),
amazing food. Another destination reviewed here is the Pontines, an island group I’d never even heard of (yeah, I guess
I’m not going to win the geographic Olympics any time soon).

T and L’s recs can be expensive, so take care, but there are some fine travel ideas here.