Monkeys Made Mad

One of the wonderful things about travel is that you never know who, or what, is going to give you a hard time.
Maybe it’s that ornery-looking guard at the border with a rifle pointed at your belly, or the dude at the hostel,
pissed because he just ran out of money (both taken from personal experience), or maybe it’s a band of angry monkeys
who find enjoyment out of hurling feces and hassling backpackers.

And so goes the storyline in
this fine tale from Boots N
. Driving along Lake Nakuru in Kenya, traveler Antonio Sanchez encounters some steaming simians who apparently
don’t like they way these travelers looked at them. Sanchez, apparently a budding naturalist, pries open his memory
banks to remember a recent science article he read which describes the relationship between monkey scrotum color and
aggressiveness. The more blue, the more aggressive (in humans, this would be a fine way to find military

Thankfully, Sanchez and company survive the attack, and as a result, we get to hear the tale.