Nat Geo Debuts New Gear

Instead of using
this USA
 piece on travel inspired gear to talk about the new line called
“Hail to the Queen,” brought to you by Lily Pulitzer, 
a famous designer and big-name in publishing, I’m going to skip down to something that may excite several Nat Geo
fans.  After all the talk about the nautical flowy dresses and casual cruise line wear you’ll find the real gem of
the article down below. Debuting this August / September men can click into
National Geographic Travel
 online or swing by a Dillard’s department store for shirts, pants, and jackets all featuring “3XDRY”
Technology. What that basically means is you’ll dry super fast in the event you get super soaked, stay dry on the
inside and keeps stains and wrinkles from beoming a problem.