Sri Lankan World Spice Summit

For me, the tear-drop shaped country of Sri Lanka is synonymous to words likes spices, cinnamon,
and cardamom. The country supplies about 90 percent of the world’s cinnamon supply also
being a large supplier of cloves, nutmeg, pepper and mace. So it’s no surprise that they would host its first
World Spice Summit this October 7-16, 2005. The summit
will be used to promote Sri Lanka’s long association with spices as far back as the 15th century. Other
countries to participate in the week long spicy foods festivities include others with a history of setting taste buds
on fire like, Mexico, Malaysia, India, Indonesia and Thailand.

I heart extremely spicy foods, but for those of you who can’t take the hotness make sure you take several tissues to
pat the sweaty forehead, wipe the runny nose and drink tons of cold water to cool you down. I’m sure Sri
Lanka’s temperatures won’t help the very heated affair.