Carpet Makers of Antigua Guatemala

Here’s a short, but sweet piece by Jim Kane on Guatemala, a place he recently revisited after many years. He talks about the Guatemalan carpet-makers in Antigua, Guatemala, where on Easter weekend, thousands of people build the most amazing “carpets” on the roads of the city.

I was there myself years ago, and found the event utterly fascinating. Deeply religious, but also revealing a very unusual and rich artistic heritage, the ceremony involved making magnificent paintings out of flowers and pine needles and all sorts of things on the ground. It’s sort of like the Rose parade, but on the ground. The event also includes processions through the streets where participants dress in religious and Roman regalia and ply the roads slowly, often bearing crosses or effigies of Christ.

If you are planning a trip to Guatemala anytime soon, try to orchestrate your visit around Easter time. You won’t regret it.