Full Screen Panos: Live8

The folks here at WIN who did the Live8 coverage did an amazing job. For
those of us who couldn’t make it to any of the amazing concerts, being able to catch the AOL feed and to find out what
was happening via Live8insider, it was almost like being there. OK, not really, but it was still cool.

So perhaps you saw some of the concerts, and maybe you read a lot of stories, but did you see any of the
killer pano photographs of the concerts? Well, for pano fans the exceptional
Full-screen Panoramas site has posted several impressive full-screeners of the event. These are great. Shot with a
single frame and then posted full screen, you get a real sense of the scale of the event. There are shots from
Philly as well as
Berlin. IMHO they could use some musical accompaniment, but they are still