How SCUBA Works

Over at Divester I posted about
SCUBA, namely about how much of the equipment that divers use when they are under water actually functions.

My point was that most of us today, in this modern computo-machine age have little or no idea how the things we use
every day actually function. More and more our devices and daily instruments sit before us, working today, but perhaps
broken tomorrow, and we have no idea what is going on inside. That’s fine most of the time. But what about your Scuba
gear? This is stuff you depend on to keep you alive underwater. Wouldn’t it be a good thing to at least have an idea
how the stuff works?

Well, OK then. Here is an easy, yet fairly detailed
on your scuba equipment, They cover regs and BCDs pretty well. Not so much on computers, but that kind of
make sense. Anyway, I suspect that even seasoned divers will get something out of this. And if you want to continue on
to the physiology section to learn more about how diving affects your body, by all means do.