Pasha in London

I’m really craving Moroccan food right now.  Tasty lamb dishes in a bed of cous cous and grilled
Mediterranean veggies.  Yummm…  There is this place down the block that serves
fairly decent Moroccan fare for a good price and while I was looking for a website to order ahead for them I stumbled
upon Pasha. Pasha looks and sounds like a Moroccan culinary
retreat out of heaven located in London. 

The romantic yet cozy atmosphere is created by oil lamps and candle light dancing on the walls, the soft
trickling sounds rose petals in fountains, and aroma’s from dishes like lamb shank, beef tangine, and roasted sea
bream escaping from the kitchen. Your wait may come off as one incredible tease, a pro-longing of satisfying your
hunger, a painful delay of one of the most spectacular explosion of flavor your taste-buds have yet to experience, but
the wait is well worth it.  Least that’s how I imagine it to be as I have never dined there myself, but the
website with it’s menu and amazing photos of dishes certainly got my mouth watering.

Worth a look if you’re in the Kensington area.