Stellar Magazine

I generally do not gush about new sites. Sure, I say they’re “great” or “interesting” or “cool”. And often I dis the
ones I don’t like. But I want to bring your attention now to a truly excellent new adventure travel/sports site called

Now I will say up front as a bit of a disclaimer that they are running
several of my features, which is mighty cool of them,
but having spent the last half-hour or so cruising around reading some of the other features and watching the videos on
ski legend Scot Schmidt and
photographer Ace Kvale
(QuickTime), I will say without hesitation that this is one of the best adventure sports sites I’ve seen in a
while.  They are brand new, so there are some wrinkles, but when they get jamming, I am betting that they will be
big time. We’ll be following them more for sure.

If you get a chance check them out. And post comments on what you think.