Hotel Monaco in Denver

Some sweet good-ole’ summer time memories snuck up on me recently.  Out of nowhere I found
myself immersed by childhood memories of splendid summer nights in Colorado and this
wicked little game I used to play with the fireflies in Kansas.  But we won’t go any further than that about the
fireflies. I noticed I missed those days, when I spent my younger years roaming the streets of the mid-west. 
All this is really beside the point, but as I became so consumed with possibly visiting my old stomping grounds in
Colorado and possibly apologizing to all those fireflies in Kansas I began searching for lodging. 

So without delay, the results of my searches give us today’s hotel pick. 
Hotel Monaco out of Denver, CO seems perfect for play, work or some
fun mid-western mischief. The place feels a little like home with its custom-designed furnishings
and rich interiors. You can expect personalized service from the staff at the boutique hotel as well as
complimentary wireless Internet access, and a complimentary daily evening wine reception. That sounds absolutely
swell if you ask me, but what’s even better is Monaco’s location in the historic 1917 Railway Exchange
Building. Located close to all things in downtown Denver, Monaco seems like a good option if you plan on
going.  Of course you might want to check out their website for more room information.