Looking for Travel Gear?

Every time you plan a trip you have to make a long list of all the stuff to bring. Clothes and passports and all
that stuff comes easy. But then there are the little things that, if you remember them, will make life a lot easier.
I’m talking about voltage converters, reading lights, travel toiletries. You know all this stuff, but you may not have
it, and finding a single place to go to find all these things can be a pain. Well, here we are to the rescue.

Check out Magellan’s online travel store. The list of stuff here is
impressive, and I doubt that there will be something you need (unless you have very odd needs) that you won’t find
here. From travel clocks, to
eye shades and ear
, to a jet lag
(which I have no idea if it works), chances are, you’ll find it. If you browse a while, chances are you’ll
discover things you need that you weren’t aware of. For example, the
Urinelle (pictured): portable pee funnels
for women. How useful is that? Actually, I did go looking for one thing which they didn’t seem to have (and feel free,
all you budding entrepreneurs to invent such a thing): Tout spray, to get rid of annoying touts in countries like
Morocco and, well, just about everywhere.