The EarthRoamer XV-LT

Found this one in an Outside
from last year sometime.  It’s on the nicely pimped out
EarthRoamer XV-LT, which I will purchase once I win the
lottery. I’ve always wanted a vehicle to take me and my buddies roadtripping and though the luxury isn’t
necessary, your own built-to-order, eco-friendly rig couldn’t hurt anything.  Priced at $155,000 you’ll get
high-efficency solar panels to provide energy and a pumping-and-purifying system to make potable water from any
freshwater source. There’s also the good feeling knowing your EarthRoamer powered by a Ford F-450 4×4 diesel
pickup can run on clean-burning biodiesel. From the wicked interior to gnarly exterior it makes for a fun item to
coast between coasts.