Two Fine Shanghai Sites

China is booming. We all know that. And some places like Shanghai are becoming big-time tourist and expat
destinations. But a friend of mine who just returned from there said that it can still be difficult to get around the
country’s brightest, boomingest city, let alone to make yourself aware of what’s going on in the city re: music, food,
culture. Sure, you’re Lonely Planet
will get you so far, but having access to a couple of great Web sites would be immensely helpful, don’t you

Well, here are two to get you started. Shanghaiist is a new site from the folks
who brought you Gothamist and all the other “ist” sites, and it provides tons of great info on the city and happenings
around the country. Another great blog site over there is Dan Washburn’s
Shanghai Diary, which provides a great expat eye’s view of the city. Both
of these sites will get you started as you plan and prep for your trip to Shanghai.