Land of Lincoln

Despite the conclusion of several “Who is the Greatest American?” contests
(Homer Simpson won one, and
Ronald Reagan won the most recent (and overly hyped) contest
on the Discovery Channel (give me a break!), I still hold that one of if not THE greatest American was Abraham Lincoln.
Lincoln ruled. Why? Short answer: Not only was he brilliant, deeply understood the essence of American values and
freedom, he also had some real balls. He made several of the hardest choices in American history and stood by them,
pushed them through despite huge opposition.

So with that off my chest…and as a fine lead
out this story
about Springfield, IL, Lincoln’s early home, which has now been largely taken over by Lincoln-mania.
Several somewhat new museums are there, along with a copy of the Gettysburg Address in Lincoln’s own handwriting as
well as a signed copy of the Emancipation Proclamation. Pretty cool. Some of the Lincoln museum stuff sounds a bit
hokey. There are mannequin-like effigies of Lincoln and family that you can take your picture with and other gaudi
stuff like that. But there is also a museum made from the old
Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices, which I think would be kind of
cool…seeing where Abe hung out and scribbled his briefs (ha!).

Just a little post-4th of July food for thought.