P Neutrino Story oh, and a Rant at the New Yorker

OK, so I blogged somewhat
the other day about the Poppa Neutrino article in the New Yorker. I hadn’t actually read the thing, but
instead browsed the online thing
with Alec Wilkinson. Sadly, I was two weeks behind in my New Yorker reading. The damn fiction issue always takes me a
while…I find it hard to get through a whole magazine of fiction…I love it, but it’s harder to be committed to
information when you don’t feel like its helping you understand the world (don’t get on your high-horses, now, all
you lit majors!
). Anyway, having now read the article, I can say that you should absolutely get it. It’s in the
June 27 issue. Let me get you the link….

Oh, but wait. There is no link. I am supposed to be providing links. But there are none because the story is not
online. Well, maybe it’s time for someone to TELL THE FOLKS AT THE NEW YORKER to put all their
STORIES online
. And while they’re at it, tell them to hire a hot designer, a decent Web guy, maybe a
multimedia guy, and turn the BEST MAGAZINE IN THE COUNTRY into at least a passable
. David, what’s going on over there? Don’t you know who your future readers are? It’s a multimedia
world, my friend. Yes, I know you’re on audible now. Cool! But that’s not enough. I’ll keep my subscription, I promise!
In fact, I might even love you MORE if you start posting cool stuff like interviews with your
writers…. some of our favorites….

Whew. OK. I feel better now. But that’s all been bottled up a while and it’s time someone said something.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming….