Salmon Fiends

Oh, luscious wonderful salmon. How often do I dream of gnawing
your succulent pink meat!

 — anonymous

Having spent a fair amount of time in the Northwest, I have a salmon fixation. Smoked, baked, turned into soup, fried,
grilled. Just thinking about it makes me want to head to Ivars (bizarrely, no
mention of this fishy institution in the piece). But would I be willing to do a roadtrip through salmon country just to
dine on this king of fishes? Why, yes I would. Absolutely.

But the writer of this New York
Times article
beat me to it. Heading out from Seattle to Vancouver via the state’s backroads and through some of
its great little towns, the author delivers a hefty dose of Northwest history while keeping his eye firmly on matters
of salmon. It reminded me a bit of a shorter version of the Tim Egan classic (a must read for all bona-fide and
would-be Northwesterners)

The Good Rain
. The article covers many of the great NW spots: Pike Place Market, Neah Bay and Port Townsend, Port

Makes me miss the Northwest right now, mid-July, when the palce is heaven on earth.