Sweet Paddle Alabama

I was tempted to cue the Deliverance theme, but that would have been too easy.

So instead, picture yourself paddling along Alabama’s Bartram Canoe Trail, finding a spot of your own along 150
bending miles of marked canoe trails. Swamp, bayou, open water, gators, big catfish. All yours. Doesn’t sound half bad,
thought I wonder a bit about the mosquitoes. This article from Canoe
and Kayak takes you there, and makes a nice introduction to paddling the South, especially for people who don’t really
think of Alabama when they think paddling. The trail has shiteloads of little tribs and nooks, great for exploration.
And since it is nicely mapped, and marked, you won’t have to worry about getting lost nor being asked (kindly on would
hope) to squeal like a pig.